VIDEO: U.S Open Winner Lets Out Inner Frat Star

Wyndham Clark just won the U.S Open and wasted very little time before letting his inner frat boy out. Just hours after Clark’s first major win in the PGA, he and a bunch of friends hit up a West Hollywood bar where Clark was seen gulping booze out his new trophy.

The 29-year-old proudly stood up on a table and chugged what we assume was beer directly out of his U.S Open trophy while the crowd roared and cheered him on. It legitimately looked like a brothers-only pregame before a mixer and there is truly no better atmosphere than that.

With a name like Wyndham, I never would have guessed this dude would be so frat. According to rumors by TMZ, Clark and his friends partied at the lounge Deliliah’s in Los Angeles until early Monday morning. Who can blame him after taking home $3.6 million?

As a new Wyndham Clark fan, I’m pumped for this guy and hope he can continue to play at this level. While I don’t see him being a full-on Happy Gilmore, I do hope he can bring more fratness and flair to the pleated-pants golf community. Maybe next time he wins, he’ll chug a cold one right on the 18th green.

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Written by Alex Becker

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