Wait, there are Blades on the Bottom of Hockey Skates?

I won’t lie, I love a good hockey fight. It adds that extra edge to the game that has casual fans like me coming back for more. But this is a first. A kick in hockey? 

Now before I get too carried away I should probably set the stage a little bit. Apparently in an Adult Safe Hockey League in Canada, a fight broke out between two players, pretty standard. However, one player decides that fists just aren’t doing enough damage, so he kicks the other player with his skate. Once that player was ejected and the kicked player was sent to the hospital, the cops started an investigation into the player who delivered the kick. Because honestly, they have to.

Now, I’m going to be honest here. I’ve disliked some players on opposing teams before. But this wasn’t simply hitting someone during a fight. This was attempted murder. I need to know exactly what this hockey player did to get another one to kick him in the face with his skate. Did he sleep with his wife? Did he key his car? I don’t believe this was the first time these guys met. I mean guys in the NHL don’t even kick each other and they play for the Stanley Cup! My guess is those two played each other in their Fantasy Football league final for a winner-takes-all league. And we all know who lost.

I also think that maybe the most disappointing thing is that it’s not even a high kick or a flying kick which at least would be impressive. This was a dirty kick, both players were on the ground and he just throws his leg out. No style, no flair. What are ya doing bud?

I just hope that the kicker knows that he’s probably never playing hockey again, and let’s be real, was it worth it?

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Written by Warren Loukota

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