Wander Franco Dated an Underage Girl

A few short months ago, the Tampa Bay Rays were as hot as a baseball team could be. They started the season on a thirteen-game win streak, and had aspirations of winning the franchise’s first World Series. The rest of the season has been more of a struggle. They are no longer leading their division, and their best player is dating a child. 

Yesterday, an image of Wander Franco and a fourteen-year-old girl made its way around social media. The news broke that Franco has allegedly been in a relationship with the girl in the picture, and she was breaking the news to get back at him. The news made its way through the Rays’ clubhouse, and Franco was removed from last night’s starting lineup. Even worse, last night’s Wander Franco snapback giveaway for kids fourteen and under didn’t feel as appropriate.

The image came from the Instagram account of Wander’s teen girlfriend. She attached a long caption that explained the whole situation, but it was in Spanish. I had to find its meaning in Google Translate. Apparently the rest of the world felt content with just the images, and the tedious process became my burden. Either way, I’ve learned what Franco’s girlfriend has to say about the situation. I also learned why my grade was so bad in high school Spanish. 

The grammatical abomination of the message is likely due to the fact that it was translated from Google Translate without many of the accents necessary to properly type that paragraph. It also could be due to the fact that she is yet to receive a high school level education, and her writing suffers as a result. 

This message does give some context to the shortstop’s immoral dating life. The girl said she dated Franco in the Dominican Republic last October. As a frame of reference, this is when the Phillies were beating the Braves in the playoffs. They split at some point afterwards, and the teenager in the relationship was the one who understood the power dynamic. She asked him for 200 grand and a Mercedes as hush money. The pedophilic, multimillionaire, idiot did not consider this to be a fair price for the continuation of his baseball career. 

Wander Franco is a moron, and the human equivalent of the dog poop on the bottom of your shoe. The speed in which the Rays removed him from the lineup should demonstrate the danger his career is currently in. Maybe the Moneyball memes comes to fruition and someone weighs the pedophile stuff with his tendency to get on base and gives him a chance.

Until then, it appears Franco is going back to minors, and I’m certainly not referring to triple-A. 

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