Warner Brothers Spend 90 Million Dollars to Cancel Batgirl

Warner Brothers are definitely not in shambles right now. They are definitely a perfectly fine company that is making loads of money and has a firm grasp on all of their licenses. There is no reason to panic at Warner Brothers in fear of them crumbling to pieces before our very eyes. And that is definitely what shelving a movie that was slated to come out next year that starred names such as Michael Keaton and Brendan Fraser screams, right? Yea, Warner Brothers are screwed. 

To give some context for all of this apparently, it came out a few days ago that Warner Brothers was going to shelve a movie set to drop in 2023 called Batgirl completely. The movie starred Leslie Grace in the role of Batgirl with guest stars Brendan Fraser and Michael Keaton in it as well. And apparently, it was reported at this point Warner Brothers has already spent 90 million dollars of its budget that was allocated for the film on it. This move comes with zero intention of releasing it. Ever. Not in select theaters, not for a select group of people, not even throwing it on HBO Max just because they spent something to the tune of 90 million dollars on it. Nah, they just completely killed that.

And here’s the thing, to be honest, I could care less if Warner Brothers bleeds money out of itself. I mean I’m sure shelving this movie wasn’t that big of a hit, and to be honest when it comes to their DC stuff, the only thing that’s been what I would consider good in the past decade or so was The Batman. But as a hopeful watcher of this stuff, I mean come on. This hurts at least a little. I wish for once Warner Brothers could get its act together and give us some good DC movies, but until then I guess it’ll be more cancellations, Ezra Miller, and Amber Heard. Whoopee.

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Written by Warren Loukota


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