WATCH: Dave Portnoy in a Profanity Fueled Screaming Match with a Pizza Store Owner

Dave Portnoy’s ability to get people riled up is only matched by CNN and the Catholic Church. That was proven to be true in his most recent pizza review, when he was confronted by the owner of a Massachusetts pizza shop called Dragon Pizza. The clip is attached below, but you can see the whole video here.

This video summarizes the current state of Dave Portnoy better than anything can. From the start, he is being pestered for a job on the street by a stranger. His review is interrupted by a few more fans who want to say hello. To Dave’s credit, he does a great job of not telling everyone to buzz off so he can get his review. The owner of the store then comes out, and attacks Dave’s character. This is about the time that Dave stops being so polite. 

The guy’s thesis in this argument was that Dave is bad for small businesses. If you are unaware of how much this guy was playing into Dave’s hand, Portnoy and Barstool raised fifty-million-dollars for small businesses during the pandemic. Portnoy was quick to let him know this.

Their argument then escalates to a screaming match of profanities when the owner comes back outside. When the guy tells Portnoy to leave his sidewalk, Dave simply responds with a loud series of, “F**k you!” exclamations to the owner. Pedestrians get involved in the conversation, and it devolves into chaos. 

The owner of Dragon Pizza is not very bright to put it plainly. The man claimed to know all about Portnoy and his platform, but still chose to antagonize them. If you make a trip over to Dragon Pizza’s Yelp page, you will see that they are not well-reviewed. This has taken even more of a dive after the owner antagonized one of the most loyal fanbases on the internet. 

Imagine giving someone a piece of your mind, and them being able to make their argument on Tucker Carlson’s show. That is exactly what happened here. I’d imagine you wouldn’t feel so good

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