WATCH: ESPN Soccer Analyst Collapses Live On-Air

Prior to yesterday’s match between Real Madrid and AC Milan, ESPN soccer analyst Shaka Hislop collapsed on live television while doing a pre-game segment. After beginning to lose his balance, Shaka suddenly fell forward but was quickly tended to by medics on the pitch (all of my soccer vocabulary can be credited to Ted Lasso). Later on in the game, it was announced that Shaka was in stable condition and doing much better, but pretty scary nonetheless. Here’s a look at the clip in which he collapses:

Obviously, I’m happy that Hislop is doing alright, but I really wish I was watching this live. I mean, the guy literally just started stumbling out of nowhere and decided to take a quick nap. I’d imagine this is probably one of the craziest things that have happened on ESPN live air, only second to the Warriors blowing a 3-1 lead. I’ve never been a huge soccer guy, but I might need to start tuning into the pre-game coverage from now on. Can’t afford to miss another moment like this. 

After seeing this clip, I did some research on other instances similar to this and found that a broadcaster for the Atlanta Hawks lost consciousness on-air earlier this year. Like Shaka, the broadcaster ended up being okay, but how had I not heard about this sooner? While I never pay attention to soccer, I do frequently watch the NBA so I’m surprised this didn’t get more coverage. If you’re interested in seeing the clip, I’ll attach the YouTube link to this blog, but it’s definitely not as wild as Shaka diving to the ground.

Written by the godfather

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