WATCH: Insane Husband Rushes Stage After Wife Loses Brazilian Beauty Pageant

I’m a firm believer that no relationship will last if both sides don’t show astounding support for each other. Although I didn’t think there was such a thing as “too much support”, this Brazilian beauty pageant is a prime example of exactly that. I was never a big fan of Toddlers and Tiaras, but I might need to dive a little deeper into the beauty pageant scene after seeing this absurd video of a husband rushing the stage and destroying the pageant crown as a result of his wife finishing in second place.

If you didn’t previously understand the term “Latin flare”, this clip couldn’t explain it any better. I’d be willing to bet that watching a beauty pageant live would be pretty boring, but if a Tory Lanez-sized Brazilian man hopped onto the stage and had a complete temper tantrum during every show, I don’t think I would miss a single one. I mean, we haven’t seen a stage rush like this since the 2022 Oscars. While this wasn’t nearly as classy of an interruption as when Kanye gave a shout-out to Beyoncé during the VMAs, the runner-up wife has to appreciate the support, right? 

Although the attack on the crown during this show is incredibly shocking to watch, what’s even more shocking is the fact that this guy’s wife is two feet taller than him. Lacking context, I honestly would’ve thought that this dude was her child. I won’t pretend I know the exact dynamics of this marriage, but there’s no way this guy didn’t get the ass-beating of a lifetime when they both got home. As reported by TMZ, the beauty pageant hosts will likely be pursuing legal action in the aftermath of this incident, so this guy better lawyer up quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised if a divorce case is also in the near future.

Written by the godfather

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