WATCH: Kid Gets Absolutely Domed By Line Drive During Home Run Derby

I’ve never been the biggest baseball fan. Maybe I’ll watch a game or two of the World Series every year, but for the most part, I’m pretty tuned out of the MLB. However, even I’ll admit that the Home Run Derby is must-see TV. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy watching freak athletes rip dingers five-times the length of a football field? But, this year’s Home Run Derby was entertaining for me in a much different way. Let’s take a look:

I’m going to preface my following commentary by saying that I genuinely hope this child is okay. A baseball traveling at 100 mph has never come in contact with my face before, but I’m sure it probably hurts pretty bad. With that being said, this video might have just made my entire year. One second, this kid is having the time of his life watching Vlad Guerrero Jr. crush home run balls, and the next his life is flashing before his eyes as he gets rocked in the head by a line drive. Absolutely no time is wasted before this poor little child falls to the ground and flails around in what I would imagine to be tremendous pain. I guess this just comes with the territory of being a Home Run Derby fielder. 

Is it bad that I enjoy playing this clip on a loop – laughing just as hard each time? Maybe. As long as the kid isn’t dead, I think this clip is perfectly inbounds when it comes to comedic content. If the family is really smart, they’ll start making merch for the “CTE Home Run Derby Kid”. I’d buy a shirt for sure. It’s the least I could do after pissing my pants this morning while watching this kid get domed like he’s one of the bad guys in American Sniper.

Written by the godfather

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