WATCH: Man In A Wheelchair Streaks At Soccer Match

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(Photo from @XTOTL on Twitter)

Most of the time when someone streaks naked across the field at a sporting event they run as fast as they can. Yet, at a New Zealand soccer match last Saturday, this streaker took his sweet time rolling his way down the pitch. “Did you say ‘rolling?’” Yes, yes I did because it just so happens this naked gentleman was in a wheelchair.

In what some are calling “the greatest sports clip of this generation” (I’m “some”), two streakers rush the field at a Chatham Cup match — one of whom is disabled. In the middle of a New Zealand tournament style soccer match between Auckland City and Bucklands Beach, the two streaking men take the field and parade around, much to the enjoyment and encouragement of fans.

This video is all-time. The only thing that could have made this better is if the dude in the chair screamed “world star” the entire time, but I’ll settle for what we got. You gotta think this was a bucket-list activity that this man never thought he’d get the chance to actually cross off. I mean, how the hell did he even get onto the pitch? Was he just like strapped in and someone had to chuck him over? Now that’s the video I wanna see.

Also, why is there absolutely no security? I get this is New Zealand and probably no one out there is watching the Chatham Cup, but literally no one goes after either streaker. Am I a little disappointed that the guy in the chair didn’t get fully leveled by a security guard? Yes, obviously. No, that would be wrong and a disgusting act. However, the guy with working legs is beyond fair game and no one even makes an attempt to stop him.

I would’ve loved to see huge bodybuilder-esque dudes chase around the guy in the wheelchair unsure of what exactly to do. It would’ve been like Mario Kart on Battle Mode where the dude is just trying to avoid red shells the entire time.

Nevertheless, in the clip neither of the men suffer any consequences and honestly I think everyone is glad they didn’t. I’ve never seen a streaker with more fans on his side and I’m genuinely happy this guy got to live out his dreams.

This guy is breaking barriers out here and is basically a modern day Jackie Robinson. I expect to see way more disabled streakers from this point forward and I am so excited for it. This man has truly changed the game.

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