WATCH: Marquise Brown Arrest Footage Released

As some of you may remember, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Marquise Brown was arrested around this time last year for criminal speeding after getting caught going 126 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. While nothing too crazy came of his arrest, it definitely was a funny moment for the NFL community. Today, the bodycam footage of Brown’s arrest was released, clearly showing that the cop who arrested him was not happy:

You can tell immediately that the cop had absolutely no idea who Marquise was when he arrested him. My favorite part of this footage is when the cop finds out that Brown plays for the Arizona Cardinals, quickly responding with, “they’re not gonna be happy”. Which was pretty spot on. Brown even tried the classic “I didn’t know how fast I was going” and “I just moved here” lines, but they were ineffective. I’m not sure any excuse except for someone bleeding out gives you the right to go 126 MPH. But, I’m also not a cop, so what do I know?

I feel like a new NFL receiver gets in trouble for speeding every couple of months or so. It’s really not even shocking to see Brown going 126 MPH or rookie Minnesota Vikings receiver Jordan Addison going 140 MPH. Henry Ruggs set the bar way too high, in my opinion. Hopefully, this speeding trend will die down. Not because I care that deeply about the safety of NFL wide receivers, but for the sake of my fantasy team. Nothing is worse than seeing a notification on your phone that one of your best fantasy wideouts is in jail because he wanted to go vroom-vroom in his new Lambo. Absolutely soul-crushing.

Written by the godfather

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