WATCH: Pair of Old Guys Flawlessly Steal Putters From Golf Pro Shop

Although I’m downright terrible, I thoroughly enjoy the game of golf. However, one thing I don’t enjoy about golf is how expensive it is. The debate between paying for eighteen holes or having groceries for the week is one I face all too often. Every time I’m in Dick’s Sporting Goods, I can’t help but wander over to the golf section and gaze upon the beautiful club sets and Scotty Cameron putters, knowing deep down those just aren’t in the budget. I’m sure many of us have thought about grabbing a TaylorMade Stealth and quickly sprinting out of the store, but never would we actually do it. 

However, sometimes our intrusive thoughts get the best of us. At least these guys seemed to have a more thought-out plan than just the simple grab-and-go.

Now, I wouldn’t put it past a young college kid like myself to pull something like this, but these dudes look like they could have grandkids in college. Maybe the recent economic turmoil did some serious damage to their 401K’s – who knows? I’m honestly just impressed that the guy fit two whole putters in his pants without anyone noticing. 

This heist was clearly a two-man job. No more, no less. The smooth placement of the putters behind the shirt rack was a pivotal move in stealing them undetected. Then, a lightning-fast (fifteen seconds) sliding of the putters into the pant leg had these guys home free. Their only mistake was failing to identify the security camera in the middle of the room. Watch out Vegas.

Written by the godfather

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