WATCH: Regular Person Fails Miserably in 100M at World Championships

If you’re ever laying on the couch seven beers deep while watching any collegiate or professional sport, I’d advise against throwing out the classic, “I could definitely do that”. Even if you were a stud athlete back in seventh grade, the times have changed and you will certainly make a fool out of yourself – just as this person did:

I’ve never heard of the World University Games, but basically, it’s a mini-Olympics for collegiate athletes. I’d venture to say that the niece of the President of the Somali Athletics Foundation is actually not a collegiate athlete. And if she is, she really shouldn’t be. I mean, this video is a perfect representation of why we should never underestimate the difficulty of high-level sporting competitions. After that one video came out of Bears fans trying to kick a field goal in order to win free beer, I realized that once you get past the ripe age of 18, your days of peak athleticism are behind you. 

Although she finished in an atrociously slow time, I love the effort by this girl. She goes hard from start to finish even though she probably knew she was screwed as soon as she saw the Brazilian chick with an eight-pack. Talk about a specimen. If you look closely when the runners are setting up to start, you can even see the Somalian girl looking around to make sure that she’s doing everything correctly (“correctly” is used very loosely here). I wonder if she was simply sent as a joke – because otherwise I really couldn’t come up with an explanation for why she was able to compete. 

Albeit hilarious, I hope that this girl retires after her performance at the World University Championships. There are just some things that regular people aren’t quite cut out for. Like Chicago natives trying to kick field goals:

Written by the godfather

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