Ways to Tell if Someone is Racist

Not to flex, but in the list of things I hate in this world, racism is top ten – maybe even top five. Now that you know I’m a great guy, I’d like to give you a list of ways to tell if someone is racist. This will only help with people that are openly racist, I’ll have to do another list for ways to tell if someone is secretly racist.

1. They say racial slurs

This is probably the easiest way to identify a racist. If you are ever out in public and you hear someone saying a racial slur, it’s usually safe to assume that they are racist. If that isn’t the case it means they’re being really funny.

2. The have a lot to say about just who it is that causes traffic

Usually, racists like to believe that the only people who could possibly be at fault in any kind of accident or traffic incident are those that do not have caucasian skin. If you’re ever in the car with someone who you have a sneaky suspicion is a big old minority hater, just ask him what ethnicity he thinks is the worst driver. The correct answer to this question is “That’s a racist question.” If he says anything else, you know he hates at least one race.

3. They say things like “those people”

This one can be tricky because you can’t trust it to prove racism in just any situation. Sometimes a person could just be describing a few people around you. For instance, I’m not racist, but yesterday I said “those people.” I was talking to my friend and said, “Look at those fat fucks,” pointing to a family of elephants crossing the street. He responded with, “Who?” and then I pointed to the moving obesity poster and said, “Those people. The harpoon targets across the street.” See? It’s not racism all the time, but if a person is referring to a minority when saying these kinds of phrases, it’s a good bet that they’re racist. 

4. They have confederate flags or Nazi memorabilia displayed in their living room

With the exception of Bert Kreischer and his Hitler tea set, I think it’s probably likely that most people putting out decorations tied to a group known for hatred of the 13th Amendment or mass genocide aren’t all that tolerant.

5. They claim to be racist

I know it might seem like someone is just trying to goof around or fake you out, but I’ve come to learn that when people make claims like “I am a huge racist” or “I don’t like people that aren’t white,” they’re usually just being serious. So if you are around someone who’s saying those things, don’t mistake it as a bit. That person is almost definitely just racist.

There you go. Now you have a list of all five ways to tell if someone is racist. If you are racist and want to stop, click here.

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