We All Know You’re Going To Be Gambling On The Chiefs VS Saints So Why Not Get Those Odds Boosted

The Sunday night game otherwise known as the please god let me win this game so I can break even on the day. Every gambler knows the feeling you start off Sunday loving your picks, and then slowly and painfully you lose numerous bets. You stare at the Sunday night game knowing it’s your only chance to break even on the day. So you take a gamble and make your pick. Well instead of putting a lot of units on that Sunday night game what about only putting $10 to win $150. How is this possible when the odds for Chiefs vs Saints are only Chiefs -156, Saints +132? Even for a college dropout like myself I can figure out that math doesn’t make sense. You don’t have to do some crazy 6 team parlay where you lose your last leg, and miss out on a +1500 pick.

No crazy parlay, no massive underdog all you have to do is go to FanDuel Sportsbook where you select the money line for the Chiefs or the Saints. You pick the game correctly, and BOOM you have just won a +1500 pick. Remember this exclusive boost is for money line only, you don’t have to worry about a backdoor cover, and screaming at the tv because the running back decided to drop at the 1 yard line and not score a touchdown that would’ve covered the spread. This exclusive boost is for new Fan Duel users only. This boost is good for bets up to $10, and lets not pretend that your broke college ass can afford more than that. Need to remember to keep some money for beers, and chew.

Lets go into the actual game. The Kansas City Chiefs the best team in the NFL is traveling to the New Orlean Saints. I see the Chiefs easily winning this game, and cementing themselves as the clear favorites for the Super Bowl. The Saints are coming off a bad loss against my Philly Eagles. Now Saints fans will be the first to let you know that Drew Brees was out, and the pocket knife of the NFL in Taysom Hill was the starting QB last week. Saints fans will keep telling themselves they would’ve won that game if Brees was in, but for the last couple of years all I’ve had to hear is how amazing Taysom Hill is. So what is it Saints fans? Drew Brees will be starting against the Chiefs this Sunday after he broke every rib known to man kind. Now his ribs might be fine, but will his arm? This year Brees has posted career lows in Completed Air Yards Per Completion, this year he has averaged only 4.9 yards. Compared to Patrick Mahomes who is averaging 6.6 yards. Father Time is catching up to Drew Brees who is heavily relying on his weapons to get yards after catches.

Last week the Saints gave up 17 first half points to the Eagles who are 29th in the league in first half scoring averaging a pathetic 8.8 points. This week they are facing off against the 4th best first half team in the Chiefs who are averaging 16 points. The Saints start off sluggish like they did last week, and Andy Reid will carve them up like a triple stacked cheeseburger. Last week Patrick Mahomes faced off against the Dolphins who are an excellent defensive team. They rank 2nd in points allowed, and 2nd in pass touchdowns allowed. Well Mahomes went for 393 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 33 points. No big deal for the best quarterback in the league. I see Mahomes putting on a show Sunday, and showing that this is no longer Aaron Rodgers league, and that Mahomes should be the MVP.

Remember first time users will get their odds boosted to +1500 for the correct money line pick of the Saints vs Chiefs game. Valid for users in CO, IL, IN, NJ, PA, TN, and WV only. Get your boosted odds here.

Written by Mailman Dave

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