We Gotta Talk About Hairlines 

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 11: Trey Lance #5 of the San Francisco 49ers looks on before the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Levi's Stadium on December 11, 2022 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

Last week, a picture of Trey Lance, Patrick Mahomes, and UCLA QB Dante Moore was posted online. At first, there is not much to look at because it’s a normal picture of three talented quarterbacks after getting some off-season work in together. After further investigation, there was a glaring problem. Trey Lances Hairline. 

Trey Lance has had a rough start to his NFL career. After being stuck behind Jimmy G for his rookie year, he was finally slated to become the 49er’s starter last year. After breaking his ankle in the second game of the season, the 49ers turned to Jimmy G and then Brock Purdy. Jimmy G is now gone and Brock Purdy is going into next season injured after his magical playoff run that ended with his arm turning into a limp noodle. 

With the 49ers QB situation unclear, I will say I absolutely love to see this from Trey. It takes a real man who has no cares in the world to take a picture with a hairline like that. That hairline just shows he is so locked into getting better and becoming the starter next season, he has absolutely zero time to get his haircut. 

Good news for Trey: he is not the only athlete with a bad hairline. Kevin Durant and Lebron James got the worst hairlines in the NBA and they’re ballin’. I would actually prefer my quarterback to have a bad hairline because nothing else besides football should matter to him. With that being said, I expect an MVP-level season from Trey next season.

I reached out to my barber and sent him the picture of Trey’s hair and asked him what he would do to get him right. He responded with “High Skin Taper Fade with a #1 on top and razor the edges”. So Trey, if you need a guy, let me know. I can get you guys in contact. 

Written by TFM Stelly

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