We Had A Mavs vs. Mavs Fan Fight Last night

Most of the time, it’s two different fan bases who throw fists after a game. This wasn’t the case last night as we had two Mavs fans rocking Luka jersey’s throwing hands. This fight didn’t even happen in the stands; instead, they brought it to the parking lot, which is a pro move. You don’t have to worry about falling downstairs, getting boxed in between the seats there’s plenty of open room.

It didn’t matter for the tall bald dude as he tripped on imaginary shit, as he was brought to the ground not once but twice. My favorite part was that he looked back at what he tripped over. My dude, it was the fact that you’re out of shape and had way too much forward momentum, and you swung and hit all air.

Looking at these two guys, I would’ve put the tall bald guy at a -250, and the short, pudgy man dropped him like a ton of bricks. We only had a couple of punches thrown, but I’ll write about any fan fight. Clone tall bald guy came in very quickly to break up the fight, which was probably a good thing for his clone as he got his ass handed to him.

Written by Mailman Dave

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