We Have People Flying Down The Steps In This Phillies Fight

Every week on Saturday’s I’m going to find whatever fight happened during the week and write about it for you guys. I was orignally going to write about this fan fight between the Clippers and Suns fans. This series is already over, and surprisingly the Clippers fan won which doesn’t fit with how badass the Suns fans are. Remember Suns in 4?

Here I was scrolling the internet and this Phillies fight graciously appeared on my timeline.

I don’t know what it is, but wherever the Padres go, chaos erupts. When the Padres and Rockies played a couple of months ago, this Padres fan kicked the shit out of the Rockies fan. Now we have Phillies, and I’m going to assume Padres fans are fighting. It’s Philly, though, so you can never be too assured. Philly fans are special and could be fighting each other because one says that Ben Simmons sucks, and the other says long live the process. All I know is that it was a great and chaotic fight.

These two men started out fighting against each other, and then at the end of it, was like, what the fuck are we doing? No fists were thrown between these two, just some casual shoving. The juice is what happens between these two men.

This is where the Tik Tok video with the sound “this is the moment that you knew you fucked up” or the “oh no” would pause. Flying down a set of stairs never ends well for anybody. That is a finishing move in an action movie. Somehow the good guy is fine as the bad guy’s head bashes off the stairs, and they die. Hopefully, this isn’t the case for this fan, but the video cuts short, but it does give us some gold from other fans.

The two guys flying down the stairs weren’t the only fight that happened. These two random dudes are going at it. We see black shirt shove red shirt to the ground into the two women who are screaming. Then red shirt gets up and shoves black shirt, and it looks like fists are about to fly, but the video cuts short.

It’s impossible to tell what she’s exactly yelling, but whatever she’s yelling she’s sure intense about it. She’s probably yelling THE PROCESS. Even though I love the Eagles, I don’t share that same love for the 76ers, Phillies, or the Flyers, and it’s fun to fuck with them, fans.

Hopefully everybody is okay and it was a case of to many $12 beers at the ballpark. This cameraman must have been the cameraman for school fights since this is some of the shittiest camera work I’ve ever seen. The video was way to short, it was very shaky, and it didn’t show the fights that were really happening.

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