Welcome to the PBS League (Professional Booty Slapping)

We’ve seen some pretty wild sports be televised. Cornhole (or bags) is surprisingly electric to watch, but I’m not so sure that it should be getting as much live coverage as it does. However, I think this new sport might take the cake for the most insane professional sport of all time. Welcome to the Professional Booty Slapping League:

I couldn’t tell you what language the announcer is speaking in or what exactly the rules are (if there even are any), but I can tell you that I am fully bought into booty slapping being the sport of the future. Forget NFL Sundays – could you imagine having all the fellas over on a Monday night for seven hours of commercial-free booty slapping? Maybe we can get Scott Hanson to host the Red Zone of PBS. He’s got at least one supporter for sure. 

You might be asking yourself, “How does one get into professional booty slapping?”. To be completely honest, I have no clue. It clearly seems to be of Eastern European origin, so who knows where they’re getting their recruits from? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel like this has Andrew Tate’s fingerprints all over it. Could the professional booty slapping league be tied to his human trafficking ring? Just spitballing here. 

I won’t deny that watching beautiful women slap each other on the behind is incredibly entertaining. However, I think that the Professional Booty Slapping League has got some room for growth. And by growth, I’m talking about a male division. We’ve all seen the Power Slap highlights – they’re sick. But, could you imagine all that brute strength being channeled toward smacking another grown man in the butt? Must-see TV. 

If you’re interested in watching more PBS, here’s an exciting matchup I found on Reddit:

Written by the godfather

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