What Kind of Drugs Is Kyrie On?

This man started with the earth being flat, switched too well. The Earth might not be flat, but don’t believe everything you read, and it has now switched to whatever the fuck this tweet means. I’m not high enough, nor do I think I could ever be high enough to understand what the fuck he’s talking about. This man’s mushroom dealer must be rich. So what drugs do we think that Kyrie is on?

My first guess is that he enjoys a peanut butter and mushroom sandwich. If this is the case, he must be eating a dozen shrooms to tweet something this insane that makes no sense. Alright, maybe he doesn’t dabble in shrooms. Is he just dropping a shit ton of acid before games? Once again, I don’t think so, and maybe he’s not doing that hardcore of hallucinogens. Maybe he’s just extremely baked. I mean, his newest teammate and best friend is Kevin Durant, so it would make sense.

Kyrie has barely tweeted since 2018, and in the last couple of days, he has become a keyboard warrior and dropped some “truth”.

These are just some of the Instagram posts that Kyrie has posted. We go from talking about god to posting about Native Americans and then posting about the Egyptians. I don’t even think the complicated Instagram algorithm can’t even figure out what Kyrie is about. I don’t want to be that guy, but for somebody who complains about celebrities’ fame, he is one to throw himself in the news. Then he complains about social media but posts regularly. It seems as if Kyrie is a little bit of a hypocrite. Remember when Kyrie told the entire TD Garden that he would be a Celtic forever, and he made an entire commercial with his dad about getting his number retired with the Celtics. Then months later, he was talking with Kevin Durant and making plans to join up together.

We can’t forget about the beginning of this year when Kyrie questioned if the NBA season should even be played because of the Coronavirus. Well, then Kyrie was filmed parting at a bar for his sister’s birthday. It kind of sounds like somebody just wanted the year off to keep talking about crazy shit and doing whatever he wants. At the same time, fans are bored out of their mind and are begging for basketball to come back.

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