What The Hell Does Dickie V’s BBC James Harden Nickname Mean?

Two nights ago, the Nets pulled off an incredible comeback against the Bucks. It was an all-time performance from Kevin Durant, and James Harden’s 5 points, 8 assists, and 6 rebounds earned him an all-time nickname from Dickie V; BBC.

If you watched the game, you’d know that Harden was practically on one leg, and even though he didn’t stuff the stat sheets, his presence out on the court helped the Nets win. Dickie V was blown away by this performance, so much so that he had to give him a nickname. What does Dickie V think that BBC actually means? The obvious thing that I know you and I both thought of was Big Black Cock. There’s no way that Dickie V actually means Big Black Cock. So what are some other options?

Best Blocking Celebrity

In this game, Harden played decent defense, but nothing insanely great. It wasn’t like he was blocking out players from the paint and pulling down insane numbers. He finished the game with 6 rebounds which is actually 1.9 fewer rebounds than his regular-season average.

Biggest Baddest Chef

Harden is a big boy who defiantly enjoys his food, but I don’t see him cooking food himself. Maybe he can make himself some scrambled eggs, but he’s not a Michelin star chef.

Big Boy Cookin

This would make the most sense, but I don’t see 82-year-old Dickie V saying that Harden is a Big Boy Cookin.

Best Bud Chillin

This is the redneck hick that loves to smoke weed. They see you lurking behind the store and will yell to you, “hey there, bud; you know you know you the best bud chillin.”

Beer Bongs Cum

This is the ideal weekend for every college kid. The beer is the cheapest lite beer you can get your hands on, the bong water hasn’t been changed in months, and the cum is from you jacking off while you hope your roommate is asleep.

Big Booty Caked

This describes James Harden better than anything other than maybe Harden having a Big Black Cock. It’s not news that James Harden has a dump truck that he uses to back down players in the paint.

So which one did Dickie V actually mean, or did he truthfully mean Big Black Cock? Knowing Dickie V, he had no idea what he was saying. When you hit a certain age, the internet should be taken away, your car keys, and whatever normal things are normal for younger people, but could be detrimental for old people.

Written by Mailman Dave

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