What the Pledge Job You Had Says About You

Pledge jobs are one of the most important parts of the pledge process, and whether you knew it or not, your job was given to you after meticulous thought and consideration.

Pledge Class President (PCP)

Everyone in your pledge class took one look at you on day one and decided that you seemed like you could handle the responsibilities that no one else wanted to take on.

Cig Pledge

The brothers of your fraternity determined that you would both be at most of the events and that you were rich enough to afford not being refunded for your purchases while still paying your dues. Buy in bulk.

Weather Pledge

Congratulations. You were chosen because you have a voice and face that people know they won’t hate.

Fruit Pledge

This may be good or bad, but it was determined that you were the easiest kid in your PC to identify from a distance while walking around campus. Time to pretend to be liberal and get the old K95 out of storage.

Nascar Pledge

The brothers of your fraternity took one look at you and decided that you’re probably dyslexic. With that, you were clearly the funniest option for this job.

Stand-Up Pledge

Everyone either thinks that you’re going to do a really good job of making them laugh during chapter meetings or a really bad job. There’s no in between, and both options will be hilarious for brothers.

DoorDash Pledge

Everyone in the fraternity wants you to drop at some point during the new member process, but they’re hoping that it will at least go on long enough that they can use you as their food bitch.

Meme Pledge

The choice words you used while blacked out at the bid day party showed everyone that you have an incredibly dark sense of humor, and the rest of the guys wanted to reap the benefits before sororities complain to IFC about your liberal use of the f-slur.

Betting Pledge

You talked much too heavily about your love for gambling during rush, and now everyone wants to watch you sweat as they lose their money on picks you made. 

Lebron Pledge

After a short period of time, the guys decided that you had no problem making an asshole of yourself and wanted to test your stamina in terms of being a complete clown.

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