What Would You Buy With Your First Million Dollars?

This weekend a bunch of college kids was drafted into the NFL. It’s everybody’s dream to make it to the NFL, but with that comes huge contracts. Even players who are drafted in the 7th round sign contracts that are over 3 million dollars. Of course, these later picks probably won’t make that much money since the NFL doesn’t guarantee everything. Regardless people became millionaires overnight, and how will they spend their money?

Places like GQ does interviews with players where they break down exactly how they spent their first million. Players nowadays don’t make the same mistakes as older players who blew their money away faster than your boy who goes to a strip club for the first time. With 30 for 30s like Broke and financial advisors, professional athletes have gotten smarter. That’s not to say that they don’t treat themselves.

If one night you instantly became a millionaire, how would you spend it? Would you be like Kwity Paye, who told his mom that she can now retire after being drafted? Or like other players who bought their parents cars and houses after making millions? Or would you be the degenerate that I know you are and spend it on hookers and cocaine?

My answer is boring. I would pay off my house, buy a boat, buy land where I can hunt and fish on, and then probably put the rest away. I’m fine with my cheap clothes and car. I don’t like fancy jewelry, so I wouldn’t waste my money on that. I say all of this when I don’t have money, but my answer would probably change as soon as I was handed all of that money. I would get rid of my small home and start to look at mansions, I would have a fleet of expensive cars that I can’t even drive when it snows for half the year, and I would quickly turn into every rapper that is covered in head to toe in jewelry.

Written by Mailman Dave

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