What Would You Do If Your Date Showed Up With 23 Family Members?

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23 Family Members

You haven’t had a girlfriend in forever, your mother is sick of you being depressed that you will probably live alone forever, and she sets you up on a date. Everything seems great, you hope that your mom didn’t set you up with an ugly girl, you have those nervous butterflies in your stomach, you keep checking your phone hoping that she doesn’t cancel, and she finally walks into the restaurant. She’s not alone, she has decided to bring herself, and every family member known to mankind. Her parents to her 4th cousin are there. You have no idea what to do, you were hoping to get through this dinner, and maybe you could take her home. You didn’t except a family fucking reunion. Now this might sound ridiculous, and something that would never actually happen in real life. Well I would think the same thing, but it happened to a man in China.

The story begins in Zhejiang Province, where a 29-year-old man who’d been having trouble finding love during the pandemic was set up on a date by his mother. He was looking forward to the date, and arranged to meet her at a restaurant for a meal together. When he went to the restaurant as they had planned, he walked in to find his date had turned up with 23 of her relatives. She said, “Let’s all eat together”, and despite not receiving any advance warning that the party for two had turned into a party for 25, the man sat down and ate with the family.


The first question is how hot is this girl? If she’s a smoke show, a 10/10 maybe you’re willing to take part of this family reunion. You sit down and start eating and notice that everyone is having a jolly good time. Drinks are flowing, people are laughing, and you start to think that maybe being part of family dinner is going to pay off. You’re gut then drops as you realize who the fuck is going to pay this bill. You notice that her jackass Uncle has been order mixed drink one after another, her cousin is crushing appetizers, and there’s no way that you can pay for this bill. You start to weigh your options you could either fork up an entire paycheck to maybe get with this girl, and be a brokeass bitch, or you could just dine and dash. This is what happened to this poor guy.

As they ate, the table filled up with expensive meals and alcohol, which his date and her family members devoured happily. At the end of the meal, the man was given the bill by restaurant staff and he was gobsmacked to find it came to a total of 19,800 Yuan (US$2,962).

He went with option two and dined and dashed. I don’t blame the poor bastard, if times were really desperate I’m pretty sure the chick on the corner would be cheaper than that.

When she realised her date was nowhere to be found, the woman was reportedly surprised and attempted to contact him, to no avail. She then had no choice but to pay for the meal.  Asked why she brought her family members with her to the first date, the woman said: “I was testing whether the man who might potentially be my boyfriend would be generous enough to pay for all 25 people, including himself and myself.”

This makes me think that this was a scam or that maybe this article is fake. I don’t wanna throw soranews24 under the bus, but it’s not like we are talking about a prestigious website. Regardless this story is funny as fuck. I sure hope this guy called up his mother, and bitched at her. She was the one that set this date up, and it turned into a fucking family reunion.

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