What Your Car Says About You

Drone Point View of Car crash accident in Parking Lot

Pickup Truck

If you drive a pickup truck, chances are your mom makes you spend your weekends helping your family and friends move their stuff. This is a sad reality all pickup truck owners have to face, and that is why you can never be the first person in your family to get a truck. When you drive around town, you blast Zach Bryan with your windows down so the whole neighborhood can hear. You can’t imagine not listening to country music in your F-150. A large percentage of your income goes into buying gas considering your truck gets a whopping 18 miles per gallon. At the end of the day, it’s always good to have a friend that drives a truck because you never know when your gonna need to move some furniture.


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This is probably the most common car for people to drive nowadays because it perfectly splits the gap between rugged and girly. You could be a girl who drives a stock white Wrangler blasting Taylor Swift or you could be a guy that has put half his life savings into a lift and bigger tires. The Wrangler truly is a one size fits all car. If you drive a Jeep, nothing fires you up like seeing another Jeep on the road so you can hit them with your stupid-ass Jeep wave. Your rubber ducky collection is extensive and you’re not afraid to tell your passengers about how amazing Jeep culture truly is.

Honda Civic

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From the moment you got your Honda Civic, you have made it your mission to make it as loud as humanly possible. You’re not afraid to get under the hood and start getting greasy because for some reason you don’t believe in stock cars. You spend your free time watching youtube videos about Civics and you couldn’t imagine buying a different car. While your legal occupation is a delivery driver, most of your income comes from your side hustle of selling vapes to high schoolers. Whether it’s your engine that’s as loud as a drunk sorority girl or the music that makes your car shake, people hear your Civic coming from a mile away. 


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If you’re a college student that drives a BMW, chances are your daddy bought it for you the day you got your license. You’ve never had your car break down, and you couldn’t imagine not having Apple car play. It always takes you 15 minutes to leave your house because every sibling in your family has a car and your driveway looks like a real-life version of the game rush hour. You don’t know a muffler from a crankshaft, and without a AAA membership, you’re an absolute liability on the road.

Chevy Suburban

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If you’re the kid that is driving a Suburban, you most likely got it as a hand-me-down from your mother who just got a new one. Being that she gave you her car, she now expects you to be your siblings’ personal chauffeur. So, you spend your afternoons in the summer driving to and from the soccer field. If you’re a stoner, your living room of a backseat is your favorite place to smoke because you can always air it out. Your car was made in 2012 but still runs like an absolute machine. When you’re going out, your friends always guilt you into being the designated driver because your three rows can fit all the lads. 

Written by Brady White

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