What Your Favorite Drinking Game Says About You

Beer Pong

You most likely weren’t alive when 9/11 happened. It’s either that or you graduated college before beer die became popular.

Beer Die

You’re a fan of the finer things in life, and you’re the only one on this list who’s made the correct choice in which game is your favorite.

Never Have I Ever

You were born without a Y chromosome. 

Cheers to the Governor

You believe you have a great drunk memory, so you enjoy this game a lot. Everyone else enjoys not playing drinking games with you.

Rattlin’ Bog

Most people are Irish. Stop making it your entire identity.

Drunk Jenga

This isn’t actually your favorite drinking game, but you spent a lot of time writing stuff on all the blocks, which means you force people to play it in order to pretend you didn’t waste your time.

King’s Cup

You’re the only person in your friend group that knows all the rules, and it frustrates you to have to explain it every goddamn time.


You’re intent on breaking up the friend group you’re currently in, and you’re using the tension that comes from this game to accomplish it.


You should check yourself into a rehab facility.

Flip Cup

You have no talent for any other drinking game, but you’ve found a good way to cheat your way to victory with this one.

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