What Your Favorite Gym Exercise Says About You

Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or just started lifting, you probably have a favorite exercise in the gym that you genuinely love doing. However, you might not realize that your favorite exercise can actually sum up quite a lot about your personality. With that being said, here’s what your go-to exercise says about you:

Bicep Curls

There’s no denying it – you’re a meathead. Although your arms will be considerably more developed than your entire lower body, the feeling of a solid bicep pump is unmatched, so I can’t really blame you. Before you head out to any public place, you desperately need to rep out some curls so your arms can look nice and juicy. Sure, you might be completely broke and failing nearly all your classes, but the gym is really the only thing that matters to you anyways. 

Bench Press

While bench press people also fall into the meathead category, it’s more of a refined meathead if anything. Usually, these guys will have their lives together, but they struggle immensely to pull women since they’re at most 5’8”. At any point in a given conversation, the “bench guy” will constantly be looking for a way to slip in the fact that he can rep 315, even though no one cares. Especially the ladies. 

Barbell Squat

If you actually enjoy barbell squatting, you’re a psychopath. In no way, shape, or form am I condoning the skipping of leg day, but I’m not gonna act like it doesn’t suck either. Barbell squatting will leave you walking like you dropped the soap next to a 250-pound monster named Tyrone in the prison showers. I get that people like what they like – but I’ll never understand the squat enthusiasts. 


Very similar to legs, who actually likes cardio? Even better question, who actually does cardio? After I finished playing team sports in high school, cardio just became that thing I’ll address thirty years down the line when my cholesterol comes back a little high at the doctor’s. If you genuinely love doing the StairMaster for thirty minutes, you need to get checked out. Trying to lose weight is one thing, but if you’re doing it for pleasure you’re just weird, bro. 

Lat Pulldown

If your favorite exercise in the gym is lat pulldowns, you’re probably pretty sexy. Having a wide and defined back is one of the keys to looking very aesthetic, which you take pride in. Too much pride in. While you might be good-looking, you’re also incredibly egotistical and are notorious for gaslighting females. But, none of that actually matters because you have a nice back. 

Calf Raises

I’ve never met anyone who would say that their favorite gym exercise is calf raises. I wouldn’t even know how to describe you because I’m not so sure that you exist. If you happen to be the world’s biggest calf raise fan, please get in contact with me. I’d love to study your brain in an attempt to find out what makes you so unique. My initial hypothesis is that your mother dropped you on your head as a child – but this could be a result of her smoking while you were in the womb as well. 

There are an insane amount of exercises you can do in the gym, but I tried my best to cover all the main ones. The only exercise that I refuse to write about is the deadlift. If you wanted to blow out your back that badly, you could just schedule an appointment with Tryone.

Written by the godfather

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