What Your Favorite YouTuber As A Kid Says About You Now


If you grew up watching Smosh, you either cover it up like a GOP State Senator coming home from a gay bar or love the show The Boys. Sometimes you get a little drunk and watch old Smosh videos, going on a spree of liking comments that say, “who all here in 2022?” I’m hating on Smosh, a lot of my friends were in on them, but all those kids have one thing in common: they walked into their respective middle schools on more stimulants than a financial analyst leaving Bernie Madoff’s office in 2003. Odds are, you had multiple Pokemon games on Gameboy, and Mom made you take pills for breakfast which has left you fucked up and confused in your early 20s. 

Ray William Johnson

If you watched Ray William Johnson as a kid, you fucking love Always Sunny, and your perverted fascination of watching people hurt themselves on the internet has never really gone away. The pipeline from RWJ to Tim Dillon or other comedians in the Roganverse is a strong one, and from time to time, the song Orphan Tears randomly pops in your head- a memory you have to suppress because, for some odd reason, it reminds you of your parents fighting. *Que Equals Three Transition*

Shane Dawson:

If you watched Shane Dawson growing up, you can’t finish without ropes involved. You cannot cum without a gun to your head or being bound to a railroad. If you watched Shane Dawson growing up, you’ve likely grown up to become an economic leftist who loves to see a slur on Reddit thread. Once every six months you look up Shane Dawson on Instagram to check in on what he’s up to, and become rathered bewildered by the fact that the man responsible for giving you an Edgar Allen Poe esque sense of humor is living a more wholesome life than you are. 

Jimmy Tatro:

Out of every YouTuber on this list, I think Jimmy Tatro’s work holds up the best as you get older. Also, Jimmy Tatro never really stopped being the fucking man, so you most likely watch his newer stuff like Real Bros, American Vandal, ect. If you like Jimmy Tatro, half of the things you say could be considered douchie, but you’re more self-aware than people give you credit for. 

Ethan Klein: 

I can imagine you are disappointed that somebody you invested a lot of time into is now the face of the sixteen-year-old girl Marxist movement. If you were a fan of the original H3H3, you still use YouTube quite frequently, and you love I Think You Should Leave. 

The Paul Brothers: 

You’re not reading this because you have the attention span of Ten Second Tom from 50 First Dates.

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