What Your Pac-12 School Says About You


It’s hard to tell if you’re hispanic or just got too much of a spray tan.

Arizona St

You go to class just as often as you go to planned parenthood.


The over/under for the number of times you dye your hair a neon color within your four years is 2.5.


When you’re done trying all of the drugs this world has to offer over your five and half years here you will return back to California and take over the family business.


You can roll a joint, sip kombucha, and juggle a hacky-sack all at the same time.

Oregon St

The profile picture of you holding a pitchfork and case of Coors Light does way better on Farmers Only than Tinder.


Whether it’s diagnosed or not you are definitely on the spectrum.


People think you like to party because you’re from LA, but in reality your version of “going out” is getting hot-pot or korean bbq.


Three things you definitely have if you go to USC are a pair of brown flip flops, an over-the-shoulder fanny pack, and a trust fund.


You drink a glass of milk with your dinner that was cooked by your 18-year-old wife.


You are either in Greek life or a foreign exchange student. You do not mix with the opposite group.

Washington St

The number of beers you drink on an average Saturday is the same as your ACT score. Somewhere between 18-25.

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Written by Alex Becker

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