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What’s Going On in Carolina?

In the aftermath of a downright embarrassing loss to the San Francisco 49ers, the Carolina Panthers have decided to fire head coach Matt Rhule and defensive coordinator Phil Snow. Although this firing has taken place relatively early in the NFL season, Rhule’s 11-27 all-time record with Carolina shows how desperately the organization needed a shake-up. Besides 2019 Christian McCaffrey, the Panthers have been abysmal since Rhule was brought in, slowly inching toward becoming the Sacramento Kings of the NFL. Carolina has selected defensive pass game coordinator Steve Wilks for the interim head coaching position, but that doesn’t really change the outlook for the Panthers this season.

With Baker Mayfield injuring his ankle this past weekend, the quarterback situation in Carolina is less than favorable, so hopefully, the front office will cut their losses and shoot for one of the top prospects at QB in the draft this year. With studs like D.J. Moore and CMC, it’s a shame that the Panthers are so irrelevant. After Carolina’s completely miserable performance thus far, I can honestly say that I’d rather watch multiple hours of whatever the hell was going on in London this past Sunday.

Written by the godfather

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