What’s Your Go-To NBA Team To Play With We Know LeBron’s Isn’t Utah

Last night the NBA had its all-star draft. OF COURSE, the NBA is the NBA, tried to make it a huge deal and create unnecessary drama. The NBA didn’t even have to try and stir the pot as LeBron and Durant kept on passing Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. With each picked that past, it was becoming clear that the all-stars representing the best team in the league would be picked last. LeBron even threw salt in the wound when he said that he needed size, and instead of taking the two-time Defensive Player Of The Year, LeBron decided to take Sabonis.

After the draft was over, the media asked LeBron why he did not choose either Jazz players until the end. He had this bullshit answer primed and ready to go.

I mean, this isn’t a video game. Karl Malone and John Stockton haven’t played in almost 20 years. This is LeBron hating on the best team in the league. Somebody is a little salty that they don’t have the best record in the league, and with Anthony Davis being out, LeBron has barely kept the Lakers above .500.

I haven’t played 2K in many years. The best NBA 2K will forever be 2K13. This came out my senior year of high school, and it was the first year where I was a super fan of the league. I knew every single player on every roster and would play for hours. It got to the point where my friends and I would play against randoms and pick one player on our team to only score with. My team was always the Knicks, and it was partly because they’re my favorite team, and it was the year of Knickstape. I was deadly with Melo, and JR Smith could always throw down crazy dunks. Jab step, jab step, step-back jumper was the go-to with Melo in real life and 2K.

We could get a dozen kids in a party and have full-on tournaments until 3 in the mornings. You always had to play as randoms, and the rule was you could go 3 times and pick any of those teams, but if you went a 4th, you had to play as them. This was before the Warriors’ super team, and Miami did have a big 3, but if you played as Miami, you were the biggest pussy known to mankind. If you were a pussy, and played as Miami, there was a trick to slow down LeBron and Wade, which was playing 2-3 zone.

This was before 2K turned into buying packs and purchasing skills. The last time I played 2K, nobody even played online, and it was all people playing park instead. Who is your team to play as in NBA 2K? We can all agree that nobody actually plays NBA Live, right?

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