Who Cares About Trades, Kristaps’ Girlfriend is Super Hot

Kristaps Porzingis spent most of yesterday in the news for as a result of him being traded to the Celtics. As the story slowly unfolded with one trade falling apart and another one replacing it, it was a whirlwind of a day for Porzingis. This didn’t stop him from having a wonderful day going swimming in Latvia with his insanely hot girlfriend, Laura Vizla. She posted pictures of the two with friends on her Instagram, but she was in the picture so I didn’t know Kristaps was in it at all. 

Laura Vizla from her Instagram

Vizla has reportedly been dating Porzingis for the last two years. Which begs the question, why has Kristaps Porzingis not been getting more attention the past few years. I know Luka Doncic gets enough media coverage for every European in the NBA, but when has he been photographed with someone this aggressively good looking. Doncic averages about nine more points than Porzingis, Vizla is a certified ten. You do the math there. 

It wouldn’t have killed the Miami Heat to trade for Porzingis. I’m as happy as the next guy that Laura Vizla will get the attention of being in a big market. I just wish it would’ve been to a place that encouraged her to wear a bikini more. The snippet I saw from her Instagram today was enough to make me a fan. It’s like becoming obsessed with a new show. I want to see more.

Congratulations to Kristaps Porzingis on his inevitably awesome sex life. As a Philadelphia fan, I was looking for something about the NBA that I don’t have to absolutely hate, and it appears that Laura Vizla’s body has done just that. Vizla is more interesting than any slam dunk, three pointer, or LeBron James fake injury the league has seen in years. Here are a few more pictures to prove my point.

Laura Vizla from her Instagram
Laura Vizla from her Instagram

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