Who is Ariana Grande’s New Boyfriend?

Since she dated comedian Pete Davidson back in 2018, Ariana Grande’s love life has been a massive cluster. Just a couple of days ago, it was reported that her marriage with Dalton Gomez was coming to an end, but now Grande is supposedly dating an entirely different dude. I genuinely can’t keep up with all these fast turnarounds.

Her new boyfriend Ethan Slater is an award-winning actor who is set to co-star in Wicked Part 1 – a film adaption of the famous musical. Can you guess who else is cast in this movie? That’s right, Ariana Grande. Hopefully their relationship lasts for a decent while, otherwise, the press tour for Wicked is going to be brutally awkward for everyone involved. Maybe this relationship is being falsely constructed just to promote the movie. I mean, I hadn’t heard of Wicked Part 1 or Ethan Slater before seeing the news on Twitter, so it’s already worked on at least one person.  

By no means do I think that Slater is an ugly guy. However, he’s definitely a lot closer to Pete Davidson than Big Sean (probably needless to say). While I respect the personality play from Ariana Grande, this relationship is going to be incredibly puzzling to the entire world for as long as it lasts. Congrats to my boy Ethan, though. The guy has got to be in absolute heaven right now. Not only is he going to star in likely the biggest film of his career thus far – but he’s also dating a supermodel with the voice of an angel. Sure, she might be completely psychotic and this might be no more than a short fling. However, would you pass up an opportunity to date Ariana? I didn’t think so.

Written by the godfather

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