Who Knew Billie Eilish Had Big Boobs

A picture of Billie Eilish in a bikini recently posted on Instagram by her friend Annabel Zimmer is going viral. Some people were interested in it because of her tattoo. More people showed interest in the insane amount of cleavage shown from the singer. Considering Eilish typically opts for an outfit baggier than anything I ever wore in middle school, this was a big surprise from the singer, and her genetics. 

Image from @annebelzimmer on Instagram.

I have respect for Eilish. She doesn’t really do much, other then hang out and make music. I don’t know much about her. But she has some catchy songs and seemingly almost as many fans as Taylor Swift. Most women with double d’s show it off a little bit for some free marketing, but Eilish doesn’t feel the need to. I just wish she did a little bit more because this picture of her is some of her best work. 

I find it especially funny that Eilish wasn’t even the one to post this picture. Annabel Zimmer averages around 2,000 likes on an Instagram post. It seems that most of her online following comes from being the daughter of Hans Zimmer. This post, which was a carousel of seven images, currently sits right under 38,000 likes. It got one more as a result of my field research for this blog. The one time a picture of Eilish having fun and not being worried about her image gets to the internet she isn’t even the one who gets to benefit from it. 

Maybe this is just how generous Eilish was feeling that day. She could’ve woken up and seen that everything was going great in her life. She decided, my fans should see my magnificent breasts sometimes, and maybe I can give my friend some love on Instagram too. More celebrities should take notes on this level of charitability.

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