Who Wants To Hear Kanye’s New Album?

That’s right, I have Kanye’s new album. In my opinion, it’s not the greatest thing in the world, but I think everyone is going to go ape shit because of the story behind it. Not as religious as “Jesus Is King”, but like every Kanye album, he’s got some rants about god in every other song.

So who wants to hear Donda? I listened and it’s pretty good. Let’s break the internet together:

Go crazy. All I ask of you in return is a crisp follow on Instagram and other socials: tfmcman. I got weird and funny shit there that is surely Kanye level deep. This is the honor system. I could’ve made it like “follow and dm me your 3rd-grade teacher’s name to enter for a chance to hear Kanye’s new album” but I don’t think music should be coveted like that. Also, for any of you moral people out there saying “you’re stealing” fuck you, this is Kanye West. It’s one thing to pirate a musician that’s struggling, but I think Kanye will make do with me and a few others not buying his album.

I am writing this in my car on my phone. That is how urgently I am trying to break this story. My computer is broken, I am driving to fix it, I get the album, pull into a Walmart parking lot, listen to it out of my phone’s clogged up speakers like a fucking loser, and then decided to see how much trouble I would get in if I release this to the public and turn my phone on do not disturb.

That’s it. Listen to the album, follow me on Instagram, and dm me your favorite song. Mine was Remote. 

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