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Why Can’t Antonio Brown Keep his Clothes On?

Photo Credit: New York Post

Is it too much to ask to go at least one week without hearing about yet another dumb Antonio Brown incident? After ending his stint in Tampa Bay with a shirtless exit against the Jets last year, AB has gone one step further and is now flashing his manhood to random people. This past May, Brown decided to skinny-dip at a luxurious hotel pool in Dubai, but the footage has just recently been released.

If I was in that pool with AB, I genuinely would’ve thought that there was a cobra swimming around in the water. I guess I should’ve assumed the guy was packing, but holy shit, why even blur out that photo? Not only do we get a full frontal of Antonio Brown, but an “ESPN Body Issue” ass shot as well. I’m not entirely sure if AB is just doing these ridiculous publicity stunts as a desperate attempt to stay relevant, or if he’s just certifiably insane, but either way, his lawyers have got to be entirely fed up with his bullshit. Brown was obviously asked to leave the hotel after the incident, but no repercussions have materialized as of yet.

*Information for this article was obtained from the New York Post*

Written by the godfather

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