Why Does Liverpool Stink?

This is an article that does not get written ten years ago. Heck, it probably doesn’t even get written last year. But things have changed. Manchester United is a dumpster fire, and Liverpool losing that game shows why you need to have depth as a Champions League contender.

I’ll start off this article by saying this isn’t going to be one of those stupid overreaction articles where I tell you that Liverpool is screwed because they lost one game. This is an article where I break down why Liverpool needs their players to stop getting red cards and breaking their limbs or they will not be playing Champions League soccer next September. 

For context, there have been three game weeks this season in the Premier League. Liverpool has thus played three games. In these three games, they have beaten absolutely no one. They drew to a newly promoted team in Fulham, they drew to a middle-of-the-table team in Crystal Palace, and now they’ve lost to a team going through a complete overhaul in Manchester United. Heck, Manchester United is so confused they’re benching the second-best soccer player ever. (Messi is the goat if you disagree you’re wrong). 

Now before Liverpool fans come at me, I do know that last game you were missing your best striker, and honestly all of your midfield, but that has always been the tune at Liverpool. And somehow they have always overcome, but this year that hasn’t been the case. Maybe teams have just figured out Jurgen Klopp’s system. But in order for me to not hit the panic button on Liverpool’s season, I’m gonna need the team to either get healthy or get more creative. Because playing the ball through Salah 100% of the time is clearly not the answer.

Maybe letting Mane go was a bigger mistake than they realized?

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Written by Warren Loukota


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