Why Does Liverpool Suck?

Alright, so Liverpool has not gotten off to the best of starts in the Premier League, I think we can all agree on that. What maybe we don’t all know or can’t all agree on is why. But don’t worry simple-minded Plebeians, I’ll give you all the answers.  And they begin at the coach.

I don’t know who can tell Jurgen Klopp this but his tactics are outdated and over-understood. Liverpool so far this entire Premier League season has exactly two wins. Do you know what other teams have two wins? Let’s have a look, shall we? Southampton and Everton. Do you wanna hear some teams that have more wins than Liverpool? Fucking Fulham and Bournemouth. Two teams that have just come back into the Premier League have more wins and points than a team that was challenging for a quadruple last season. Tell me how that isn’t at least partly the coach’s fault.

But Jurgen is not the only guy on the team choking on D, let’s also talk about Trent Alexander-Arnold. This man has somehow gone from being a horrible defender to being a horrific defender. I didn’t know that he was able to get any worse as a defender. It looks like he just doesn’t even care out there. I mean people were going around talking about him being a ‘generational talent’, I don’t even think he is a talent period at this point. Not to mention the current bust of a striker Darwin Nunez who was supposed to be battling Haaland for the Golden Boot, but instead is barely managing to put the ball in the net more than several of Manchester City’s bench players.

I guess all this to say that Liverpool really sucks right now, and if they want any hope of Champion League soccer next year they are going to need to make some rapid changes.

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Written by Warren Loukota

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