Why Tik Tok Is Better Than Twitter

In the past three months alone, four videos have gone viral that were directly ripped off of the TFM Twitter account. I totally get it. Everything on the internet is recyclable, and I don’t knock those people for taking our content, even though we at least credit the people we post theirs (or at the very least try our hardest to). That isn’t the thing that weirds me out about it. What makes me scratch my head is that four woke people could get hundreds of thousands of likes on videos that a Twitter account with a million followers couldn’t even hit a thousand on.

Twitter is a platform where an account with a shitty name that bears ties to masculinity like ours isn’t going to have success in today’s age. I understand that. I don’t know if I would ever retweet anything from an account titled Total Frat Move. But that’s also why Twitter sucks. Everything on Twitter is too political and too serious. Something I’ve found amazing is that people on Tik Tok go viral every day for comedy sketches that Millennials and older Gen-Z’s would find a way to ruin. Tik Tok is a platform where it doesn’t matter what your politics are; you can pretty much say or do whatever you want as long as you aren’t naked, a nazi, or both. 

And say what you want about my generation being soft; I think Tik Tok has shown that we still find things that could be deemed as politically incorrect as being fucking hilarious- as long as we can remain anonymous behind that like button. You can’t do that on Twitter. People on Twitter go viral for making PG jokes, coming out as gay, roasting Lebron’s hairline, or hating men. I think it’s cool that people can get support for all of the above. But you have to admit that it’s fucking dumb that somebody can be blindly supported just because woke people want to show internet love to predominantly disenfranchised groups throughout history. Don’t believe me?

Two years ago, I was in the back of my friend’s car while he was parking by 7/11 to pick up some 4Lokos. At the time, I was about forty dollars in debt to him, so when I asked if he could scoop me one, he was NOT about it. I argued that I was about to get paid back by another friend of ours and that I would have the money the next day, but he continuously refused my inquiries. I was unrightly furious. Two of my other friends in the car had run up a tab with him slightly less than mine, and I felt like I had been scapegoated. As soon as he went into 7/11, I found the most- and there’s no other way to describe this- gay picture of him possible. I don’t mean that in an insulting way; it just actually looked like he and my other buddy were dating. I can’t describe it. You would assume that they weren’t just friends between their body language and the AMF’s in their hands. Sort of like when that one girl from Georgia you still follow on Instagram from Spring Break 2018 posts a picture with her little brother for his baseball commitment, and her hands are bracing his stomach, it looked questionable at best. I took the picture, made this kid, who doesn’t use social media, a Twitter account, and proceeded to follow all of his friends from his farm town. 

At first, it started as an inside joke with my friends. I would tweet things that my friend would never actually say in real life, and we would fuck with him. I never tweeted anything homophobic or anything that would falsely out him for being a gay guy. I just tweeted things like this.

The disturbing reality of the situation is that this fictional flamboyant internet boy I had created began receiving a ton of support from older white women. It was the weirdest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. In the four months of this Twitter account having my friend’s face/name plastered on it, he’d accrued around one hundred female strangers that blindly supported him because they assumed he was gay. I don’t care what you say. That’s fucking weird. The tweets were only funny to us because a redneck would never live tweet The Voice or talk about shades of pink flattering his skin tone. But all the meanwhile, random weirdos on the internet were yaas king’ing him left and right. And that’s why Twitter is fucking stupid. You don’t have to be talented; you just need to convince woke people to like you. 

****Because I had been logged out of my old twitter account, I currently use that one. I try not to, but it’s the best place for Eagles news******

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