Why Would You Want To Date 35 Women At Once?

A Japanese man has been accused of dating 35 women at the same time to get hundreds of pounds worth of birthday presents. Takashi Miyagawa, 39, allegedly gave different dates for his birthday to each of his potential partners after claiming he wanted a serious relationship. He is said to have received cards and presents totaling 100,000 yen (£668), including a £200 suit.


How the fuck is this possible? Most guys are struggling to get one girl to say yes to a date, and here’s this guy dating 35 women. 35 women is a lot of commitment and a lot of time reserved for each of them. I have one wife, and I struggle to find time for myself. This guy must’ve had dating as his full-time job; there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish anything else.

It is alleged that Miyagawa told a 47-year-old woman his birthday was on 22 February, a 40-year-old woman that it was in July, and a 35-year-old woman that it was in April. However, his real birthday is believed to be 13 November. Local news sites reported that Miyagawa met the women while working for a marketing company selling hydrogen water showerheads and other products.


I imagine that these women were lonely and were interested in a high-power shower head to pleasure themselves with. This man prayed on their loneliness and was able to get a shit ton of birthday gifts. The question is, why does this person think that his birthday is this important? I’ve heard people have birthday weekends and even birthday weeks, but not an entire year of birthday parties. Did this person employ extras to be at his birthday parties, so his friends and families didn’t realize what he was doing? Did he have to throw birthday parties for himself, and that must’ve cost a shit ton? Or did he bring girls to a restaurant and tell them that today was his birthday?

One woman told MBS News that he kissed her on the second date. She added: “I told him, ‘I don’t want to do that unless [you] are someone who wants to get married and really be with me in the future.’ He responded, ‘I’m serious. I’m going to be with you for the rest of my life.’”


The article doesn’t specify if he did anything more than a kiss, but for argument’s sake, let’s say that he did. The biggest horn dog couldn’t perform for 35 women; most guys struggle to pleasure one woman. Either this person is the Wilt Chamberlin of fucking, or he didn’t have sex with all of these women. So why is this man getting arrested? Because even though it might be sleazy, dating a shit ton of people isn’t against the law. The Japanese government got him on fraud since he was lying about his birthday and receiving gifts because of his lies. So maybe don’t try and date 35 women at once and lie about your birthday to get free shit.

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