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Whys of the Week (Part 2)

If you’re like me, you find yourself always asking “why?” Why we do the things we do? Why do things like this happen? Why do people act a certain way? Well, like you, I don’t have any of the answers. I’m just here to state the obvious and poke fun at things that we as a society have just kind of accepted. Each week, I’ll simply be asking …why?

Like seriously, what professor looks at that time and thinks they’ll ACTUALLY have a full class. There is no fucking way. I think I went to my 8 AM class once a week AT THE MOST. There is just no logical reason for it. When we graduate, we’ll all get NINE to FIVE jobs….not EIGHT TO FOURs. You want to prepare us for the “real world” so bad, then let’s be real here. 

This is a whole other subject I plan on writing a much more in depth blog about in the future but it’s worth mentioning. The moment you realize that not one thing someone thinks about you matters you truly find yourself in a much better place. As cliche as it sounds it’s so true. 

Society has conditioned us to believe that drinking should only be done during the weekend and for special occasions. But I’m here to say, fuck it. Why can’t we treat every day like a party? Yeah sure, maybe I’’ll fail out of school, maybe I’ll lose my job, fuck maybe my liver will fail on me, but at least I had fun. I don’t know. Maybe I have a “problem” but it’s really not a problem until you graduate college, and I stand by that. 

I kind of already know the answer to this one, it’s because they’re drunk. The thing is though, whenever you meet a girl in any other setting it’s never as friendly. There’s something in the girls bathroom that brings out the ebay of us. We all are in there, collectively trying to help each other. It’s truly a beautiful thing. 

The pink tax is real. I’ve heard multiple women over the years say that they don’t consider themselves a feminst, but how could you not? This is a real life issue us women face when buying something as little as razors. Not only do we shave more of our body, we also buy them more consistently then men because let’s face it…we’re more hygienic than men. Think of your ex boyfriend, how many times did you see him replace that one razor in his bathroom? For all we know he probably shared that one razor for months with all 4 of his roommates. 

Written by Grace O'Malley

If Carrie Bradshaw drank a little bit too much and was originally from Boston...

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