With Yahoo Answers Shutting Down Here Are Some Of The Most Confusing And Fucked Up Questions

The popular place to ask the internet if you’re pregnant is shutting down. I don’t believe that the people who ask questions on Yahoo are older than 12. Regardless of its young kids being dumbasses or trolls, the questions and answers are more funny than helpful. There’s even an entire subreddit dedicated to Yahoo Answers here are some of the questions we will no longer get to see on the internet.

From the avatar pictures, at least one of these people is above 12. So either troll, or just idiots. I’m going with idiots.

She really thought that a bunch of high school boys meant diamond and not dick. High school boys have only one thing on their minds, and it’s certainly not diamonds.

A little lube and spit, and everything come out smooth. After seeing my wife give birth, I wish this was the case.

This would make for the most boring sci-fi movie. With there no end in sight for the Walking Dead maybe after the 27th season, they will introduce this idea.

I imagine the cats walking into their litterbox and marveling over the size of human shit. Also, I would love to see the mom’s reaction as she goes to scoop cat litter, and a massive human shit is sitting there.

There’s being paranoid, and there’s being a literal fart sniffer paranoid. Imagine thinking that your significant other is cheating just because their fart smells weird. This is a grown adult asking this question, what’s next? she going to fish out his shit to test?

First of all, did this person fuck their dog? Why even ask this question unless you fucked your dog? This takes putting peanut butter on your balls to an entirely new level.

This one takes the gold for the most fucked up thing on Yahoo Answers. There’s so much to unpack here. First of all, she has been sucking on her tampons?!?!? This poor guy has accidentally yupped his way into getting served blood. She was probably going on and on about how much she loved Twilight, and he wasn’t listening, and then boom, here’s a little blood in your pasta sauce. Also, has this guy never gone in her freezer and saw a bag of frozen tampons? That’s the biggest red flag in history.

This girl now has to do a Wafflestomp for the rest of this relationship. Is she dating a 10-year-old a little immature to understand that girls also poop? This is on the opposite side of the spectrum compared to Odell Beckham Jr.

This person has clearly never thought of piss bottles. Instead of accidentally pissing all over his PS3, he could’ve filled a Gatorade bottle. I’m assuming this person is a kid, and I wish I were a fly on the wall when his parents found out what happened to his PS3. Then thinking that it would be fine to put the PS3 on a hot sidewalk. So many mistakes were made.

This person literally drank Bill cum. First of all, he jacked the dead Bull off and then decided to drink the cow cum. If this is true, it’s beyond fucked up.

Tasty anus fruit is a hilarious statement. Also, what a rookie if you’re going to shove any fruit up your ass, go big, or go home with a cucumber.

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