Woman Tries Playing GTA In Real Life And Gets Arrested

MONROE, PENNSYLVANIA - JUNE 03: Frank Disbrow helps a woman shoot a machine gun at the annual Machine Gun Shoot sponsored by Shooters Gauntlet on June 03, 2023 in Monroe, Pennsylvania. The shoot, which has been held since 2016, lets gun enthusiast and others shoot machine guns at targets in a controlled and secure wooded location. The two-day event features raffles, workshops, vendors and opportunities to rent and fire a variety of weapons. According to recent data, in 2021 Americans bought an estimated 19 million guns. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Whether you’re sniping 12-year-olds on Call of Duty or driving at 200 mph in Need For Speed, we’ve all broken the law inside the never-ending world of video games. However, some people can take it a little too far and act like real life is a video game. This is okay when Lebron drops 59 points or Conor McDavid averages 3 points per game, but it’s definitely not ideal when a woman acts like Trevor from GTA V. After shooting 20 bullets into a random neighborhood the 22-year-old Texan, Genesis Amanie Rodriguez, is currently facing charges of deadly conduct with a firearm. She was also violating a protective order according to the online booking records of Bexar County. 

During this incident, one bullet penetrated a house and found its way to a Batman comic book poster just a few feet away from where a child was sleeping. The craziest thing is that she probably would’ve gotten away with it if she didn’t take it upon herself to post a video of her shooting the gun to Instagram. The video was also responsible for getting another suspect arrested who was allegedly driving the car. 

If my parents named me after the Hyundai parent company, I’d probably need to let off some steam too, but unloading rounds into a neighborhood is absolutely insane. Also, the fact that she did this while she was on parole is completely bonkers. I can wrap my head around why someone would rob a bank or commit tax fraud, but I just can’t understand the logic of getting out of prison just so you can commit a stupid crime like this. Someone needs to teach this girl a thing or two about risk and reward because this just doesn’t make sense. Luckily no one was injured during the incident, but Genesis will definitely be heading back to her old cell. 

Written by Brady White

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