Words I Like: Part Three

You know what me and Earnest Hemingway have in common. We both received money for writing stuff. There are many other similarities, and a few differences as well, but I just wanted to share with you that me and one of the most highly regarded authors in American history are in the same boat. This is important because I want to share some of my personal favorite words that I’ve picked up on my journey through the English language, and felt the need to establish my credibility. 

Charcuterie (noun)

Charcuterie is the best. Who doesn’t love a tray of meats and cheeses. If you ever go out on a date and order charcuterie as an appetizer, you will look fancy as hell. It sounds super high class, but it’s also fun to say. Just don’t make a hoagie in your mouth like Frank Reynolds, if you want to impress a lady. Although jamming meats and cheese into your mouth is almost as fun as saying the word charcuterie, I’ve learned the hard way it’s an anti-aphrodisiac. 

Chutney (noun)

I don’t have a very complex diet, so I’ve never had chutney. What I do know about it, is that it’s a pleasure to say. There’s not a whole lot of analysis for this one. Just a really fun word, that gets bonus points for being food.

Tardy (adjective)

Tardy is a silly word. It is used to describe when someone is late, and is commonly used in schools. It is also a gray area conjugation of a word that is no longer politically correct for me to type. My friends call me tardy all the time, sometimes even when I’m on time for places. It’s not very nice of them, but I do appreciate the verbiage, because it’s much funnier than their other insults when they call me an unlovable bag of milk. 

Bisque (noun)

Ok, I haven’t eaten lunch. Bisque is another great food word though. I think lobster bisque sits at the top of the food chain in terms of soups, and quite possibly foods. It’s just happens to be another word that just rolls off the tongue. It’s also worth seventeen points in scrabble because it’s use of the letter q. Bisque is a true Shohei Ohtani of words. It dominates every facet of the game.

Bungalow (noun)

I wish I lived in a bungalow. It’s simply so I could ask people, “Wanna come over to my bungalow?” There’s not another form of shelter in the world that has a better name. It’s fun to say, and has no words that rhyme with it. Not because it has no flare, like orange, or month. Those are both words I dislike. Bungalow has no counterparts because its flash can’t be matched by other words. Also, who wouldn’t want to live in one of these. 

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