Would A Threeway Make Out Session Even Be That Fun?

Taika Waititi is supposedly in hot water with the higher-ups of Disney after his make-out session with Tessa Thompson and Rita Ora went super viral. Taika is the guy who’s directing the new Thor movies, which are fucking awesome; Tessa was in the latest Thor and plays MBJ’s wife in Creed, I truly don’t know what Rita does, but I know that she’s a smoke show.

So when this picture went super-viral, first of all, high five to Taika, second of all this picture was taken at his home it’s not Taika fault that people are super weird and third of all I started to think would it be even fun to make out with two girls at the same time.

I know that every dude who’s reading this is like, what the hell, dude, are you stupid? It’s every dude’s dream to have a threesome. I’m not talking about an actual threesome, but I’m talking about making out with two girls simultaneously.

What do you actually do when you’re making out with 2 girls at the same time? Where do your lips go? There are 3 pairs of lips; what if you give one pair of lips more attention? Do people get jealous? How do you decide when it’s time to switch from one pair of lips to the other? Does it feel nice to have two other lips on yours, or does it feel like you’re in a sandpaper sandwich?

Don’t lie; every dude sucks at kissing; we don’t know how much pressure to put. When do you shove your tongue down somebody else’s throat? Kissing is just a hope that it’ll lead to more things, where we might be able to perform better.

I mean if this happens to you high five, but in theory I don’t know how it great it would be.

Written by Mailman Dave

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