Would You Take A Mystery Flight To A Place That You Don’t Know?

Why would you do this to yourself? Going on vacation is stressful enough. You have to pack your entire house, book housing, figure out where to eat, and you have to make plans for the entire week. You spend most of the time planning places to see and things to do. The real-life hack is you go away for a week, and then you come back for a week to spend relaxing in your house. You have a week to actually do stuff and see new places. Then a second week to get drunk as fuck while you lay around in your underwear. Why add a mystery to make it more stressful?

Could you imagine boarding the plane and being told to pack some clothes for the cold weather, and you think maybe you’re going to beautiful Denver, and you end up in Cleveland during the middle of winter. This has to be the biggest roll of the dice, well, not as big as when you came inside that girl with no birth control. This is worse than drinking jungle juice from the bucket that was probably used as the designated throw-up bucket last weekend.

People on Twitter, of course, had to be super woke and say how this was a front for human trafficking. You know what, Twitter users, maybe this is just a shitty business idea, and this isn’t the first. Europe has had these for years, and unlike Europe, where you could end up in a cool place like Amsterdam or a cool small city in Spain. In America, you have the chance of ending up in Cleveland or Detroit. I rather not roll the dice, but I’ve been rolling the dice for years while not wearing a condom, and I’ve only ended up with one kid so far.

Written by Mailman Dave

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