Xbox Finally Admits Playstation is Better

Recently, Microsoft began a battle with the FTC over the legality of them acquiring Activision Blizzard Studios. While there, the Xbox creators finally confirmed information that smart people have known for years.  This news comes as Microsoft has officially declared themselves the loser of the console wars with PlayStation. Not only that, they also announce that they currently stand behind Nintendo in terms of industry share. The key message here, is that the people who have argued Playstation over Xbox have officially just won.

Xbox and Playstation have arguably been the defining rivalry of my childhood. Apparently, the Red Sox and the Yankees used to get pretty intense. The same goes with Michael Jordan and casino workers. But what I can tell you, is that every who went to middle school after 2007 was at the very least yelling at some of their friends about the superior console. Honestly, my gaming console of choice determined every one of my middle school friend groups.

I currently feel like a kid on Christmas as I write this blog and prepare to send it to my brother. We shared a PS4 for most of our childhood. This guy actually went out and bought an Xbox One because he claimed it was better. What an actual moron. It’s almost like he is unaware that Xbox has a market share of only sixteen percent, while Playstation’s is {redacted} (but higher than sixteen). That’s common knowledge. It’s definitely not just a stat I regurgitated from the internet because it sounds good for my side.

Obviously, the market share is not all that matters in terms of a gaming console. But my point was the console you had determined the number of friends you could make. This means owning an Xbox makes you an even bigger dork than owning a Star Trek backpack ever has.

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