You Have To See This Ass Luge

A lot to come from this in a blog I’ll finish later this week, but social media censorship is fucking disgusting. It’s gotten to the point where Instagram has shadowbanned us, essentially making it a pain in the ass to find a our account. But I need the world to see this video.

Bro, I’ve been at bars down the jersey shore all weekend and that made me physically gasp. I’m all in on ass eating, I like to be around the rim as much as Embiid, but what the fuuuuck?!!

There’s a guy cropped over her face, but all available evidence leads me to believe that this girl is physically attractive…so I HAVE TO know how she found herself in this situation.

What do you think?

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Written by Bobby D'Angelo

TFM middle school penis game champion. Rutgers student.

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