You Will Lose These Things All the Time in College

A distraught man holding his head standing in front of the modern city on a fresh early morning.

Most of the time, college is a very different experience and lifestyle than what people are used to at home. You are on your own and have pretty much unlimited freedom. However, you quickly learn that this doesn’t mean everything is perfect. Things change, and you’re definitely going to lose a lot shit.

The obvious first topic here is money. Maybe you’re not actually losing it, but that’s what it feels like. It’s actually insane how fast it goes. You won’t even realize it either. You’ll go to chipotle for lunch, buy a case for the evening, order like 2 Ubers that your friends say they’re going to Venmo you for (they don’t), drop at least $30 at the bar, and then spend more money on food or whatever else afterwards. You probably just spent around $100 in just one day. And again, you don’t even realize. Sure, you may look at your bank account and tense up a little, but it’s not going to stop you from doing the same thing in a few days. 

Clothes. You lose so many clothes. Whether your roommates take them, a girl you’re getting with steals them, or you just straight up lose them, they tend to disappear all the time. I feel like it’s always those clothes you really love too, like a special shirt or that hat that fits perfectly on your head. I suggest you leave those really important clothes at home honestly. Even if you’re like, “Nah no way I lose my favorite hat”, you’re wrong.

It’s kind of cliche, but another thing you will lose all the time at school is your sense of time. I have not spoken to one person who has said that their years at college don’t fly by. You can realize it too. You’ll be looking forward to something far away, and out of nowhere, it will be tomorrow. Or say you have an awesome night or trip, and it feels like it was yesterday, but it was months ago. Time truly moves and acts differently while you’re at college, and it makes sense, because we perceive it differently in certain situations. My best advice, try and live in the moment, as hard as that can be sometimes.

Written by Jett

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