You Won’t Mix Three Different Slushies For Me Well We Better Throw Hands Then

Here I was randomly scrolling Tik Tok and this video popped up on my timeline. I have never heard of s Johnson VoiceOvers, but after this, I’m a huge fan. Remember Aussie Man reviews? This feels like that, but if Morgan Freeman decided to comment over viral videos.

As somebody who unfortunately worked for McDonald’s for 6 years, there were plenty of days where I hoped and prayed that somebody would try and pull this shit. It’s about 90,000 degrees back in that grill. You’ve dealt with making sandwiches for the world’s pickiest eaters. I want no pickles, no onions, no mustard, add Mac sauce, and can I have it fresh? Then those motherfuckers would complain that it took too long. Well bitch, you wanted it fresh what the fuck am I going to do, pull a fresh patty out of my asshole? McDonalds rant over; thinking about that place instantly gets the blood boiling. This woman Peggy has had enough, and she decided to hand out some McJustice.

This entire VoiceOver is great. Could you imagine getting so mad because you won’t get your slushies mixed? Being a former McEmployee, there’s an actual reason for that. The slushies are made using the Frappe machine, and all you do is touch the picture of the drink, then touch what size you want to make. There’s no button for mixing or anything like that. They make shit so simple that anybody with half a brain could work there.

I’m shocked that anybody would stand up for their boss. Nobody likes their boss, if you were to watch your boss get punched in the head you would cheer the person. Shit, you want to create the act yourself most days.

Hearing Worldstar being screamed brings you back to the early 2010s. That was when Worldstar was great. They would show fights, underground rappers, now it’s dumb influencers with their faces covered in tattoos, and people who pay to be on their site.

Written by Mailman Dave

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