Young Biden Too Creepy For Literal Sex Club

(Photo from Hunter Biden laptop obtained by NY Post)

Hunter Biden is the black sheep of the family and it somehow keeps getting worse.

On Tuesday, the president’s son signed a plea deal to avoid jail time for charges related to federal tax evasion and illegal firearm possession. The nepo-baby’s deal is being called “a slap on the wrist” relative to what the average citizen would have faced if charged, igniting angry Americans everywhere — especially those who oppose his father in office.

Well, while Baby Biden may have escaped prison, he definitely didn’t escape the public eye as his coverage in the media has led to a former sex club owner dragging his name even more through the mud.

After the plea deal became public, former owner and founder of the infamous Hollywood sex club SNCTM Damon Lawner posted on Instagram calling Biden a “scumbag” and revealing that he once needed to ban him from his sex club indefinitely. 

(Photo by Matthew McDermott of NY Post)

According to the New York Post, Lawner claims that back in 2018 Biden had paid a $10,000 membership fee using an LLC wire transfer to disclose his identity. At the time, Lawner says that all he knew about Biden was that “his name was Hunter and that he was a member of a prominent political family.” Despite not knowing much about him, Lawner says he was “high as a kite and zonked out,” which ultimately led to him behaving inappropriately and disregarding the club’s strict “always ask before you touch” rule. Due to his aggressive behavior, Lawner kicked Biden out of the club and banned him permanently.

Lawner opened up SNCTM in 2013 in hopes of creating the world’s most elite and erotic sex club. Members pay up to $75,000 each year for access and range from Hollywood celebrities to millionaire businessmen and even high-ranking city officials. All members are confidential and required to wear masquerade attire when in the club. Anyone who reveals the identity of any other member is automatically banned. Though majority members are unknown, reports have suggested that Bill Maher and Gwyneth Paltrow have both attended SNCTM at some point in the past.

Anway, while Biden was kicked out in 2018, Lawner never realized it was the president’s son until last year when Biden’s laptop made headlines for containing bizarre videos including him paying hookers as well as him and a lady friend smoking crack before filming themselves have sex. Then in November of last year, Lawner was subpoenaed by the IRS to answer questions about Biden’s $10,000 membership.

Lawner sold SNCTM in 2019 for $1 million due to struggling family life and merely just wanting to get away from the business. His Instagram post about Biden read “Hunter was a member of SNCTM and I canceled his membership after one party because he’s a scumbag.” The post has since been deleted and actually got Lawner banned from SNCTM for revealing a member’s identity. Lawner says he doesn’t care as he has been done with the club for a while. The former owner also claims that since its opening in 2013, SNCTM has only kicked out five members for unruly behavior (Biden included).

I don’t think this story comes as that big of a shock to anyone considering Biden has full videos of himself doing hard drugs and banging prostitutes. Clearly this dude likes sex (don’t we all). Yet, getting banned from a sex club is pretty hard to do. The people there are totally fine with fists in all of their holes and hooking up with complete strangers, yet somehow Biden took it way too far. What could he have possibly been doing? Actually, I don’t think I wanna know.

Being one of five people to get the boot is almost impressive (in a heinously disgusting way, of course). I mean he had to have pissed a bunch of creepy sex stars off in order for Lawner to remember him almost five years later. Honestly, given the information I have on Little Biden’s sexual escapades, between the crack whores and being removed from a literal penetration palace, I’d have to imagine the only place he could be sincerely welcomed is Epstein Island.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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